PHP Web Development

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is used as scripting language in website development.

It is a programming language which makes a website more attractive and interactive for its visitors. PHP is used to develop a website with dynamic web pages. It is set into HTML pages that help in ensuring excellent website development.

A number of reasons mark the importance of PHP.

  • This technology helps in being attuned with different interfaces.
  • It is user-friendly which makes it a popular tool for a Website Development Company.
  • It is easy to learn and so the development work is fast and hence time saving.
Our engineers at PHPPixel have deep and in-depth knowledge about PHP Web Development that helps in meeting the specific requirements of the guests. The team works diligently to enhance their skills and keep themselves updates with the changes and modifications happening all the while related to PHP.

Why Custom Application Development on PHP is preferred almost always?
  • No licensing cost : Php is open source.
  • Works on Linux based web server : 90% of the web servers are Linux based today.
  • Integrates best with MySql database again open source..
  • Multiple web servers Support(Works on a Windows server with Apache or on Linux ).
  • faster Upgrades for functionality or design enhancement.
  • Huge community support for any kind of updates, bugs etc. related to the Open Source technologies.
  • created using php.
  • Ease of learning and workwise.

Some of the different Custom Projects we do for clients are:
  • Custom Ecommerce Website Development
  • Custom Ecommerce Module Development for Zencart, Oscommerce or Magento.
  • Customized Changes in wordpress based website.
  • Custom Plugin / Module development for wordpress
  • Customized ERP Application development
  • Customized Back-office Application
  • Customized Intranet website
  • Customized CRM / CMS Application development
  • Custom Order Capturing Module
  • Customized Portal Development
  • Customized Classified website
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Customized Content Management Systems

Actually, anything that needs customization to an existing system we can do. And if we feel the need then we even create completely new systems.