Static Website Design

When the internet came into existence, businesses around the world started realising what a great opportunity it is to reach out to more and more potential customers. Thus the web pages and the websites for the various companies started coming into existence.And so I was created to serve the World Wide Web or the internet as it is popularly called. One of the first things I was commissioned to make was static websites for our first clients.

It is a great way to display or advertise any products, services or information in a straight, no nonsense manner.

While we have gone to to provide a host of other services like:

We still retain a special place in our heart for static web design.
There is something very appealing about a simple straightforward message. There are no grand gestures, no bells and whistlles, just a straight from the heart stating of the facts.
Our engineers make the site with minimal fuss that is minimal scripting and HTML Coding.

The various benefits of static coding are:
  • Simple and quick creation,
  • Comfortable Navigation and Browsing,
  • Very User-Friendly

  • Easy to make changes as and when required
  • Easy preview of  website before uploading it
  • Quick download of Images and Brochures on the website

We have catered to the static website needs of various clients both in India and abroad over the years. The expertise needed to make the clients site up and running in no time sits right here with Our engineers.

They work as per your requirements and the specifications provided by you.